Our milestones, our team.




Jan. 2021

June 2020

First Pilot Project with strategic customer, testing product for commercialisation.

1. Second Pilot Project with strategic partner, establishing a vessel living lab.


2. Third Pilot Project with strategic partner, exploring data integration and enhancement with platforms.

May 2021

Delivered Release 1.2
for Chord X solution.

Chord X - AI in shipping industry

1st Oct. 2019

Company kick-off and
first employee starts.

Dec. 2020

Delivered Release 1.0
for Chord X solution.

March 2021

1. Delivered Release 1.1 for Chord X solution

2. First official commercialisation with strategic customer to install on 40 vessels.


Fourth Pilot Project with

Strategic partner, collaboration on fuel cell emission monitoring. 


Chord X - Jon Loken
Jon Loken

Jon is a dynamic leader with a passion for driving change in the maritime industry.

He has a strong track record in taking start-ups from infancy to commercial vibrancy.


Chord X - Hong Tin Wei
Hong Tin Wei

More than 15 years in shipping & offshore assets investment.

He is a staunch believer in Industrial 4.0 and the possibilities that it bring to traditional industries.

Business & Partnership

Chord X - Enrique Gallar
Enrique Gallar

Enrique is an advocate for the widespread implementation of artificial intelligence in the maritime industry and a champion of 

sustainable practices. 

Product Management & Analytics 

Chord X - Mohit Sabharwal
Mohit Sabharwal

With more than 2 decades of marine experience, Capt. Mohit  leads our Marine Operations team. He is passionate about contributing towards Digitisation of Shipping and believes in its capability to change the industry fundamentally.

Marine Operations